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  • Training Materials

    Here you will find the most recent training materials prepared by our internal Quality Team for you. We will post he...

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  • "HOT monthly topics"

    Welcome to the ,, HOT monthly topics,, We'll be using this space to discuss all things related to more professional t...

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  • Diversity Corners 💚🧡

    Welcome to Diversity Corners! We launched this new community channel so we can have a space to talk about certain ...

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  • Faces of Gengo

    We're changing the format of our existing "Faces of Gengo" (originally a blog series) to make it more interactive, an...

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  • Translation Career Advice

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  • Translation Resources

    We'd like to update our Translation Resources page (http://mygengo.com/translator-team/translation-resources/) with r...

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  • Afrikaans Forum

    Explore Afrikaans translations, language intricacies, and cultural nuances. Benefit from articles by language special...

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  • Arabic Forum

    We encourage you to join our dynamic Arabic language community and engage in conversations about Arabic translation a...

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    Discover Bulgarian translations, delve into language intricacies, and uncover cultural nuances. Gain insights from ar...

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    Unearth Catalan translations, dive into language intricacies, and explore cultural nuances. Get insights from article...

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    Dive into the rich world of Chinese language (simplified/traditional) and culture. Exchange ideas on grammar, vocabul...

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    Our Croatian community welcomes you to share thoughts on translation topics, challenges, linguistic questions here. Y...

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    Connect with discussions on Czech translation topics, challenges, linguistic questions, and more! We also publish art...

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    We welcome you to engage in lively discussions about Danish translation topics and beyond. We also publish articles w...

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    Join the conversations on Dutch translation and linguistic topics. Brush up your translation skills within our commun...

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  • English Forum

    Discuss language intricacies and explore the diverse landscapes of English language usage and culture, from literatur...

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    Our French forum welcomes you to delve into linguistic nuances, navigate the rich tapestry of French language usage a...

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    Engage in discussions about German translations and expressions. You're more than welcome to raise questions and shar...

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    Participate in conversations about Greek language nuances, translations, and expressions. Feel free to ask questions ...

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    Our Hebrew forum welcomes you to engage in discussions about Hebrew language intricacies, translation topics, and que...

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    We welcome you to engage in lively discussions about Hindi translation topics and beyond, while also exploring the re...

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    Welcome to our Indonesian language forum! Dive into discussions on Indonesian language intricacies, translations, and...

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    Participate in conversations within our Italian language community! Learn about helpful tips on translation topics fr...

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    Explore discussions on Japanese intricacies, translations, and expressions in our forum. Share your insights, ask que...

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    Engage in discussions on Korean language and translations. You can ask questions and share your thoughts on linguisti...

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  • Norwegian Forum

    Participate in conversations about Norwegian language and translations. Feel free to pose questions and express your ...

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