MTPE (Machine Translation Post-editing) is a feature that we implemented in some language pairs as a way to leverage technology to make the translation process more efficient while increasing consistency and quality.

In jobs with MTPE enabled, the target section is pre-filled with a machine suggestion, which we expect you to use as a reference to make appropriate edits when necessary. As always, your resulting translation must be accurate and read naturally in the target language. Here are some tips for producing natural translations.


Here’s how to work on collections with MTPE enabled:

You can identify jobs or segments with MTPE by a ‘MT’ icon on the top left corner of the target box.


On the right panel (open by default, or by clicking the light bulb icon), you will see MT suggestions, as well as glossary terms and TM matches when present, and clicking on any of them will copy the contents into the target box.


Once you accept the collection, each job will have a green “Confirm” button that you will need to click before you can submit, ensuring that you have reviewed the MT suggestions and edited them when necessary. You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter to speed things up, and the cursor will move to the next job.


Keep in mind that any {1}deflated HTML tags{/1} or content [[[inside of triple brackets]]] may still be picked up by the machine translation, causing errors (highlighted in red) that won't allow you to confirm or submit.


You will need to fix those errors in HTML tags or triple brackets before you can confirm these jobs.


To keep track of your progress, you can use the filter button to easily find "Confirmed" and "Unconfirmed" jobs.


If you need to fix a job you have already confirmed (but before submitting everything), you can still edit it by selecting “Unconfirm” under the “Confirmed” button drop-down.


Once all jobs are confirmed, the submit button will turn dark green and clickable, and you'll be able to submit the whole collection at once.


When a job is returned for corrections, you can find it under the "Revising" filter (as usual and as explained here), but you will need to click "Unconfirm" before the job can be edited. 





How does MTPE help the customer?

It can improve consistency, reduce costs and improve speed of their translations.

How does MTPE affect my rewards?

The rewards for jobs with MTPE enabled are automatically adjusted, and depend on each individual project. You can see the rate at the top of the collection page.

What’s the difference between MTPE and TM?

TM matches are translations that have been done previously by another translator, and then reused to aid you on your translation work.

On the other hand, MTPE suggestions are translations done by a machine, with no human input, and are meant as a reference.

What if a job has both MTPE and TM?

In that case you will be able to choose between MTPE suggestions and TM matches. The job may have one of them prefilled, following this level of priority:

  • TM matches will be prefilled if it has 100% or 101% matches (75 to 99% TM matches will not be prefilled).
  • If TM matches are less than 100%, MTPE suggestions will be prefilled instead.
  • When clicking on the “matches” (light bulb) button, you will see Glossary terms at the top, then 101% TM matches followed by 100% TM matches, then MTPE matches, and lastly 75 to 99% TM matches. 

Where do MTPE suggestions come from?

They are generated by different MT engines depending on the project.

Who is responsible for bad MTPE translations?

Translators are responsible for ensuring that they only submit accurate translations, so you should edit MT suggestions as necessary. 

What if the MT suggestion is not usable?

You can flag jobs or segments where the MT suggestion is poorly translated and would not help you save time on your translation.


What if the MT suggestion is already good as it is? Will I get in trouble for submitting MT?

As long as you are submitting good quality translations, there is no problem in submitting MT suggestions directly if you feel they don't need any edits. Remember all translations you submit must be accurate and read naturally, and achieve a minimum GoCheck score of 7.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to help make using MT more efficient?

Yes, there are some useful shortcuts, and we will be adding more in the future so please let us know what would be helpful to you.

View matches and suggestions: ctrl + shift + m

Insert the top match/suggestion: alt + shift + m

Confirm edits: ctrl + shift + enter


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support with any questions or quality concerns. 

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