“A happy customer tells one friend; an unhappy customer tells the world”. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and, as they are effectively your customers too, so should you.

Here are some tips on resolving issues with customers and keeping them happy.


Responding to revision requests

If a customer request corrections to your translation you will receive an email notification and the Collection will be shown on your Dashboard with the status of Revising.


To find the specific job(s) within a Collection that need to be revised, you can use the filter button at the top and click on Revising:


The comment from the customer will tell you what needs to be revised.



Time Limit

You have a maximum of 24 hours to complete your corrections and submit your revised translation. If you don't submit a revised translation within 24 hours, your translation will be canceled and the job will be reopened to other translators.

Dispute Correction Request

If you think the customer made a mistake and your translation doesn't need corrections, or if they just needed a clarification, you can say so in a comment, but remember that you still need to submit your translation again. If this is the case, the "submit" button may not be clickable, as the system doesn't detect any changes. Simply add a space at the end to activate the "submit" button.

For file jobs, you will need to re-upload your translated file. To do this, click on the Upload a new version button on the job details page.

After submitting your new translation, we recommend sending a brief note to the customer apologizing for any errors and letting them know that you have made the necessary revisions.


Handling rejections

We ask customers to reject translations only as a last resort and if minor tweaks cannot fix the translation. We cannot enforce one over the other, and so we provide customers with the option to choose between the two.

If a customer ultimately decides to a reject a translation, the job will show in Held status on your Dashboard:


What now?

In this case, you don't need to do anything; our Quality Control Team will handle their rejection request. Upon reviewing each request, we will take into account:

  • Quality of the translation
  • Comments and/or instructions to the translator, and whether the translator neglected these comments
  • Feedback and reason for rejection

The rejection is valid

If the rejection was valid, the translator will not get paid and the customer can choose to:

  • Reject and cancel (the customer receives a full refund) OR
  • Reject and reopen (the job will become available to other translators)

The rejection is invalid

If we decide the rejection was not valid, we will:

  1. Approve the translation as is OR
  2. Request corrections and send the translation back to the translator


Write to support

If you feel that your translation was unfairly rejected, please write to the Support Team and share your concerns.

Please include:

  • Job ID
  • Explanation of why you feel your translation was unfairly rejected.

We promise to respond within 24 hours. We're people too (and so are our customers). We know that sometimes annoying things can happen, so please try to explain things as calmly as possible.  As the Beatles say: "We can work it out" :)

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