When you become a Gengo Translator, you agree to provide quality translations. As explained in the Translator Agreement, your translations must consistently meet Gengo's quality standards.


Quality Standards

Gengo's quality standards are based on a translation scoring system called GoCheck. GoCheck scores range from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest), and translations must achieve minimum scores of 7 at both Standard and Pro level jobs.

These scores represent our error tolerance at each of the different levels — for example, we will tolerate a slightly higher portion of errors at the Standard level compared to the Pro level, for which our error tolerance is very low.


Job Review

Gengo randomly reviews translation jobs on a regular basis and will also perform a review each time a job is rejected. Reviews are carried out by Language Specialists using GoCheck (see explanation above and screenshot below). 


Read more about Job Reviews HERE

Qualification Review

Once you receive a low score in a job reviewed by our Language Specialists, we expect you to use their feedback to help you improve your quality on your following jobs. However, if several of your jobs receive low scores, we may remove one or more levels of qualification. 

Please keep in mind that we will not remove your qualifications if you only have 1 low score. This would only happen if you consistently fail to meet Gengo's quality standards.


Regaining Your Qualification

At Gengo, we understand everyone has a bad day. If your qualification was removed, just remember that we like to encourage our translators to improve and grow with every translation.

You will always have multiple opportunities to qualify, improve your quality score or regain access.

You only need to go to the Tests page and give it another try. Before you do this, please review our Test Expectations document and the style guide for your language in our Resources page, and take a look at the guide for our testing process, as it might have changed since the last time you did a test.

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