When you become a Gengo Translator, you agree to provide quality translations. As explained in the Translator Agreement, your translations must consistently meet Gengo's quality standards.


Quality Standards

Gengo's quality standards are based on a translation scoring system called GoCheck. GoCheck scores range from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest), and translations must achieve minimum scores of 7 at both Standard and Pro level jobs.


Job Review

Gengo randomly reviews translation jobs on a regular basis and will also perform a review each time a job is rejected. Reviews are carried out by Language Specialists using GoCheck (see explanation above and screenshot below). 


Please note that reviews are automatically triggered by the system, meaning that our Language Specialists have no say in which jobs get reviewed, or how often a translator receives a review. The amount of reviews you receive may vary at any given time based on your activity levels, your overall score or the score of previous recent GoChecks, and customer feedback, among others.

Read more about Job Reviews HERE


Qualification Review

A low score in a job reviewed by our Language Specialists can be a great opportunity for improvement. If you receive a low score, carefully read the feedback from the LS and take a close look at the errors marked. Job reviews enable us not only to deliver consistent quality to our customers, but also to provide opportunities for education and improvement to our translators. Each review brings with it a lesson that will surely help you grow and deliver better translations in your next few jobs. While you can access your full GoCheck history from your translator dashboard anytime, it is always a good idea to take notes and keep track of any learnings somewhere else that you can easily access and consult while you work as well.

Please keep in mind that we will not remove your qualifications if you only have 1 low score. This would only happen if you consistently fail to meet Gengo's quality standards, and the decision would be taken based on your overall performance.


Regaining Your Qualification

At Gengo, we understand everyone can have a bad day. This is why your lowest score is removed from the calculation that results in your translator score. In the event that your qualification is removed, please remember that we like to encourage our translators to learn from experience, improve, and grow with every translation.

You will always have multiple opportunities to qualify, improve your quality score or regain access.

You only need to go to the Tests page and give it another try. Before you do this, please review our Test Expectations document and the style guide for your language in our Resources page, and take a look at the guide for our testing process, as it might have changed since the last time you did a test.



In some cases, when we find translators violating our Translator Agreement (for example, submitting low-quality machine translations), we may send them a warning and place their account on probation for a period of time (usually two weeks), while we investigate more in depth. You will be able to access your account, but won't be able to pick up any jobs during the probation period.

This may happen independently from any reviews/scores you have received previously, as the probation process is not related to the daily quality control (explained above) and your overall performance.

After the probation period ends, you'll be able to accept available collections again, but we'll be closely monitoring your activity going forward to ensure the same thing does not happen again.

If you feel you were placed on probation as an error, please feel free to respond to the email you received, or contact support.

But wait... Don't you have a PEMT feature built-in on your workbench?

Good question! As explained here, PEMT is meant as a reference to help you speed up the translation process. You are still responsible for ensuring that you only submit accurate translations. Gengo believes in human-powered translation, so you should always edit MT suggestions as necessary, and anything of lesser quality will not be tolerated. 



For more severe violations of our Translator Agreement (see section 11, "Term, Termination, Loss of Compensation"), or repeated behavior that warranted a warning or a probation period in the past, we may have to terminate a translator's account (you will lose access to your account).

Again, if you feel your account was terminated as an error, please feel free to respond to the email you received, or contact support.

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