I became a translator last Thursday and I saw a lot of jobs that day. Because I didn’t have time on that day, I didn’t start any job yet. But after that, I cannot see any jobs available any more. Is it because I didn’t start job on the first day or just small volume recently? Because I see Gengo keeps hiring Japanese to Simplified Chinese translators these days. Thank you so much.


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    Hi yongyi_chen!

    Congrats on joining the team!

    Please do not worry - whether you work on a job on the same day that you get accepted or not does not affect any future availability of jobs. We are likely just experiencing low volume. Please keep in mind that as you work for Gengo from now on you will see the job volume fluctuate as this highly depends on customers, but rest assured that we are always working to bring in more customers!

    I hope you will have the opportunity to work on your first job soon! :)