After a long hiatus, I am ready to start translating again. I once was a J-E translator at pro level, but got stripped of the title and my standard level rating due to a single miss translation on my part. I had to pass the standard level test again to get translating and I decided I needed a break. 

Now I am back and took a look at the J-E Standard level test a couple of days ago. I translated it to the best of my ability and am now ready to submit the test only to find that the standard level test for J-E has been taken down. This is very frustrating as I only took a look at the test a couple of days ago and did all the work necessary for the test. Is there a way I can still submit? Guessing no, when will the test be up again and will it be the same test? I am sure I am not the only one who has been caught out. 

Gengo says there is no time limit for testing, but if they take tests down whenever they please then they should state that and let the person taking the test know so that they can make their own decisions. 

I can only say I have had very bad experiences with Gengo - what with being stripped of both my Standard and Pro levels for a single translation miss, and now for taking a test which Gengo suddenly take down. Other translation sites seem to be much more proactive, supportive and helpful to translators. 


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @kcornish,

    My apologies for the late reply, as I have been out of office. In the future, if you need immediate answers or are dealing with time sensitive issues (such as a test), please contact support@gengo.com to receive prompt assistance.

    As you guessed, the answer to your question of whether you can still submit your test, is no. Our tests are subject to be closed anytime as soon as we receive a certain number of submissions or of newly approved translators (more information here). Because of this, we usually recommend translators to take the test as soon as possible when it's available, as it may be turned off again at any moment. This applies to all tests and the rules are the same for every language pair.

    Because we open and close tests based on incoming job volume and number of active translators, it's very difficult to predict when we will open testing for your language pair again. I recommend checking back again around the beginning of each month, and following us on Facebook, as we also make announcements there when we open tests.



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    Facundo Martin Pallero

    Hi @kcornish, 

    I'm in a similar situation. After being a J-E translator at the Pro level for years and translating nearly 900,000 units for Gengo, I got my qualifications revoked for both levels due to one or two mistakes in 100-word jobs. I think it would be great if we were at least given the chance to re-take the tests and be on a sort of waiting list for when they need more translators again.

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