If you tried taking a translator test from the test page, but you couldn't find your language pair in the drop-down menu, it means one of three things:


1) We've temporarily turned off testing for your pair.

We'll only open a language pair if there is a high demand for translations in that language (you can see our full list of available language pairs here). Similarly, if the demand for translations in an existing language pair is low compared to the number of translators we have in that pair, we'll temporarily turn off testing.


2) We’re not offering translation services in your language pair yet


3) Already selected

If you previously selected or took the test, it will be already in your Tests page, so you won't find it in the drop-down menus.



So, my test is turned off. What can I do?

Please check the Tests tab again at the beginning of the next month. We open tests as needed at the beginning of each month, so this is the best timing to find available tests for various language pairs.

Tests are open and closed based on the number of active translators and job volume in each language pair.

If the test for your language pair continues to be unavailable when you check back with us, there are two possibilities: either we haven't opened it on that particular month, or we did and closed it again after receiving a certain number of submissions.


How long do I have to wait until my test is available?

We turn tests on and off depending on the volume of jobs and the number of active translators. We try to maintain the right balance, and it's hard to say exactly when the tests will be turned back on.

In the meantime, you can help increase demand for Gengo translations by:

  • Telling the world about Gengo!
  • Liking Gengo on Facebook
  • Following @gengoit on Twitter


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