Performance Scorecard

Your dashboard features a personalized scorecard showing your performance as a Gengo translator. The scorecard focuses on quality, and also provides a summary of your work history at Gengo. 



Language Specialists review jobs using a system called GoCheck, which automatically calculates a job score based on error count, error type, error severity and word count. Scores range from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest), and you are expected to achieve minimum scores of 7 at both Standard and Pro level jobs.

How does it work?

The quality metric on your scorecard is the weighted average of the scores for the last 10 checked jobs you submitted per language pair. To give you a more accurate score, it more heavily weighs scores of larger and more recent jobs than that of older and smaller jobs.



For translators who are qualified in multiple language pairs, your dashboard will display the score of the first language pair you qualified in. We plan to display one score per language pair in the future. However, please rest assured that we keep track internally of all of your quality scores in all language pairs you are qualified in individually.

Job Reviews

Jobs are chosen to be reviewed both periodically by the system and when customers indicate dissatisfaction.

How does it work?

  • When Language Specialists perform a review, they will select errors as indicated in the screenshot below.
  • The system will then calculate a score based on word count versus error severity.

NOTE: Language Specialists do not control this calculation.


Low Scores

  • If your job score is below the minimum required for that level, Language Specialists are asked to provide an overview of errors found.
  • These comments are for you to learn from and should not be used for revisions unless specifically requested.

Please keep in mind that we will not remove your qualifications if you only have 1 bad score.

Qualifications are removed if you consistently fail to meet Gengo's quality standards

As with test decisions, please accept job assessments and scores as final. 

You can, however, send in feedback on your job review.

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