Your overall Translator Score

Your overall translator quality score is the way Gengo measures both the quality and consistency of your translations. Described in more detail here, translators are expected to keep a minimum score of over 5 in each language pair. Any qualification below a score of 5 will be automatically demoted by our system. To regain your qualifications, you will need to retake the test after a 30-day rest period, if the testing in this language pair is open.



Improving your score: Start with your personalized GoCheck feedback

The best way to improve your translations is to incorporate the personalized feedback you receive with your GoCheck reviews into your next translation. Before moving on to our general advice below, read over your previous GoCheck reviews and look for repeating errors and feedback you’ve received more than once. Are spelling errors always keeping you from that perfect 10? Do your reviews mention proofreading? Start by eliminating these issues in your next translation.

Common translation issues







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