A re-review request is your way to reach out to the Language Specialist (LS) team and make your voice heard when you disagree with the feedback or errors when one of your jobs undergoes a GoCheck review.

GoCheck scores are automatically calculated by our system and considered final, and these reviews are conducted to ensure that our translators consistently meet our quality standards when delivering jobs to our customers. We also think of GoCheck reviews as a way to provide feedback and encourage our community to continue to grow and polish their skills. Therefore, we expect our translators to accept this feedback and implement it starting with their next job.

We do understand, however, that translation is not always black or white, and that our LSs are human and can make mistakes. Re-review requests should be used sparingly, in order to address such situations.


Grounds to submit a re-review request

You may submit a re-review request in the following situations:

  • You followed the customer's instructions but this was marked as an error


“I followed the glossary provided by the customer who wanted xxxx translated as xxxx.”


“According to (reputable source), in this case both forms of the verb, plural and singular, are correct. Here is what it says about it: "xxxxxxx" For further details, you can visit https://www.xxxxxxxxxxx.com.”


“My translation is not unnatural, I’ve heard a lot of native speakers say it.”


“I believe this should be downgraded to suggestion/lower severity only.” 


“The LS pointed out a mistake but didn’t provide corrections.”


How do I submit a re-review request?

The process of submitting a re-review request is simple, but it shouldn't be taken lightly. Please also note that re-review requests should be submitted within 30 days of receiving the relevant GoCheck. Re-review requests for older GoChecks will not be processed.

If you find that you need to submit a re-review request, please fill out the form here with all relevant information, including the source and target text for marked errors, a detailed explanation for the reason of the re-review, and resources to back up your claims (especially if you disagree with an error, you should be able to provide reliable resources to support this.)

Before submission, please ensure that your request is clear, to the point, and maintains a professional tone towards LSs and Gengo staff, as per Section 11 of our Translator Agreement.

After your submission has been processed, your job will undergo a second review by either the same LS or a different LS (for pairs with more than one LS.) Our Quality team will decide the best course of action based on the nature of your request.

Important: Your request may not be accepted if your explanation is insufficient. To expedite the processing of your request, it is highly recommended to provide accessible references to explain why your translation is accurate.


When and how will I receive my re-review request results?

Provided you filled out your re-review request with all necessary information and no issues were encountered in its processing, you should receive your re-review request results in a new GoCheck within a week. If the score of the second re-review is different from the first one, we will keep the higher of the two, and remove the lower one from your GoCheck history. This is done manually and may take up to a couple of days after the second GoCheck is completed.

Please note that requesting a re-review does not guarantee that you will get a different score on the second review. Requesting a re-review means that your job will be reviewed once again, but if, upon re-review, the LS finds the original score to be accurate, no changes will be made.

Re-review requests are processed only once. After a re-review request has been processed for a job, no further re-reviews will be processed for the same job.


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