I created a tool to retrieve info about archived jobs from Gengo. You can find it here:


In that page you can see instructions about how to use it. In a little more detail, for Windows environments (if you're using Linux or Mac you are probably tech-savvy enough to figure out things by yourself):


  • You can check if you have Java 8 following these steps:

            - Press the Windows logo key and the R at the same time.

            - Type "cmd" (without quotes) and press Enter. A 'black window' should open.

            - On that window, type "java -version" (without quotes) and press Enter. You should see some info about your Java version. That info should contain a line starting with java version "1.8...". The key here is the number 8 - if you see another number or you get an error, you don't have Java 8 installed properly.


  • If you don't have Java 8, you can download it from here:



  • To edit the file "config.properties" you can use any text editor, like Notepad.


It should work on any system that is running Java 8, no matter if it's Windows, Linux or Mac. It is open source (MIT license), so if you are a developer and want to make any improvements feel free to clone/fork it and contribute.

The tool will generate a .csv file, which is made so you can easily open it in a spreadsheet and convert the data to a table. For instance, in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Open the .csv file.
  2. Select column A.
  3. Click Data > Text to columns.
  4. Press Finish (default values should be ok).

Questions, suggestions? Please let me know and I'll keep this first message updated.



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    On a Mac, Java is not part of the default OS X installation. If you do have Java, you should see a Java icon in your System Preferences. Click it, and a separate Java Control Panel will open; in the General tab, click the About... button for version information.

    If you don't have Java, or if you don't have the correct version, you can download it from the Oracle site (java.com).

    Note that Apple discourages using Java for security reasons, though Oracle claims it's safe to use Java on a Mac.

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    Thanks, Alexander!

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    Hi Juan!

    It took me a while but I tried your tool today. Nice work! I used it to do a little statistic on my jobs in 2016. I found that Wednesday is by far the day of the week where I get most words to translate, followed by Monday. The other days of the week are significantly weaker. Interesting.(In fact I had suspected that Tuesday is my strongest day because some of my "preferred" customers seemed to be most active on Tuesdays, but it seems I misjudged that.)

    Thanks for your effort!

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    No problem, glad to be of help! Yes, I found some interesting statistics as well - for instance, I thought that on summer months I had less work, but it's more or less the same.