Hello, welcome back to our Food Lovers’ Corner! 

Last October, our feature is about coffee. You can check out our post here.

As the holiday season is here, we want to talk about the best food for special occasions. According to Lane Nieset's article, here are the dishes everyone should know how to prepare for special occasions:

  1. Roast Lamb
  2. Grilled Lobster
  3. Gougères or cream puffs
  4. Puerto Rican Pernil
  5. Sicilian Timballo and Arancini
  6. Chilaquiles
  7. Crème Brûlée
  8. Salt-Baked Sea Bass
  9. Oxtail
  10. Linguine with Lemon and Caviar
  11. Key Lime Pie
  12. Coq au Vin
  13. Whipped Ricotta or Cheese Dip
  14. Seared Duck Breast
  15. Miso-Glazed Salmon
  16. Bouillabaisse
  17. Paella

There are recipes in the article that you might want to check. This might be the best according to chefs, but all food prepared with love and effort will always be the best. Never forget to spend beautiful memories with your family and friends this holiday season.

Do you have any suggestions of great meals to prepare or buy during special occasions? We want to know any recommendations you have.

Please let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments!