Hello, I just got accepted as a translator. My question is about taxpayer information paper. Will it count as insurance in my country? I don't know the exact details yet but i need to be "unemployed" to access certain systems in my country, like hospitals and special passport.

thanks in advance.


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    Hi brkcndrn,

    Regarding the taxpayer information paper, this is to fulfill Gengo's requirements under U.S. law and does not have any direct relationship with laws in your country.
    Also, as a Gengo translator, you are not classified as an "employee" of Gengo but an "independent contractor" (self-employed, freelance) and are of course required to comply with your country's laws regarding this type of work. I am sorry we cannot provide more help but you would need to contact your local govt / city hall for more information regarding your status as an "independent contractor."

    Hopefully this can clarify it, pay special attention to points 7 & 9.

    Thanks and let us know if you need anything else!