I want to suggest to somehow include in the customer form option that will let us know if text needs to be in Cyrillic or Latin script. It happened twice to me, that the customers wanted Cyrillic, but couldn't let me know that because maybe they were not aware that there is also Serbian Latin, or something else. So, I had to convert my translations to Cyrillic which took more time. 


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    That's a good suggestion. Even though we can use Latin/Cyrillic converters online if it turns out the client wants the translation in a different script, we still have to read these translations carefully once again to make sure all the letters have been converted properly, so we lose our time needlessly. I know we can ask the client about the script before accepting a job, but this isn't very practical since it may take the client a long time to reply and in the meantime someone else may start the translation that we wanted to do.