Thanks for your interest in the Translator Developer Community :)


Gengo's current views on the topic of third party applications or tools for translators:

  1. Gengo does not verify the quality of any 3rd party applications. As a result we do not currently endorse or guarantee the safety/quality of any 3rd party applications.

  2. Translators use third party apps at their own risk and will not be supported by Gengo. This includes:
    • Risk of loss of account access or reward payout balance.
    • Breach of the Translator Agreement resulting in immediate termination.
  3. Developers develop add-ons at their own risk.
    • Gengo may make changes to the website with no prior notice and break the 3rd party application or cause unintended behavior resulting in further risk of (2) above.
    • Gengo may develop features that overlap with the 3rd party application, nullifying the applications utility.
  4. A few restrictions apply to third party apps developed by translators to use with Gengo:
    • Funding of third party apps shall not be discussed on Gengo's forums.
    • Third party apps shall not collect translators' Gengo usernames and passwords. (Sign up instructions should be clear that translators should use a different username and password than their Gengo account)
    • Third party apps shall not infringe any trademark right or copyright of Gengo.
    • Third party apps shall not store any customer-related information, such as job texts or files.
  5. The community ingenuity is super cool. Have fun guys :)


Examples of tools that are not ok:

  • Machine assisted assigning or hoarding of jobs
  • Applications that disrupt the Gengo service in any way


If in doubt, check with a representative before proceeding :) Thanks!