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Last month, our featured is about chocolate. You can check out our post here.


For August, we will share about waffles.

It is considered one of the oldest desserts in history and can be traced back to Ancient Greek, but its origin can further be discovered in the Stone Age, over four thousand years ago. Obelios is its Old Greek name, and it is a flat cake cooked between two hot metal plates.


In order to serve as a sort of accompaniment to the communion wafer, which stands for blessings, the Catholic Church started preparing waffles. After meals, these waffles were presented as a final benediction, symbolically decorated with Biblical themes, crosses, and other religious symbols.


The Netherlands and Belgium are the countries most responsible for the evolution of waffles, but they are globally popularized when they are brought to the States. It is said that waffles came to America in 1620 and the first long-handled waffle iron in 1789. National Waffle Day is celebrated on August 24, and it is also on that day that the first patent for the waffle iron in America is granted.


Do you know other facts about waffles? What’s your favorite partner for it? We want to know any recommendations you have.

Please let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments! Happy National Waffle day everyone!


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