Hello, welcome back to our Travel Enthusiast’s Corner! 

Last month, we shared about beach destinations in the Caribbean. You can check out our May post here. 

Today, we would like to dive into Sicily, Italy, one of the best destinations to visit this June.  

Sicily, the largest island in Italy, is home to world-class beaches, quaint towns and villages, and an abundance of ancient ruins and archaeological sites.  

At the beginning of the month, it feels like spring in Sicily, but towards the end, it is summer. There are a lot of activities and places you can visit. From historical and archaeological areas to the amazing beaches. You can create your own itineraries or check out VisitSicily. 

Has anyone in the community visited or is currently living in Sicily? We would love to hear any experiences or advice you have with this place. 

Please, let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments! 



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