Hello, welcome back to our Travel Enthusiasts’ Corner! 

Last month, we shared about the National Picnic Day. You can check out our April post here. 

For our topic this May, as the season gets hotter in some places, we would like to share one of the go-to places in terms of beaches – the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean is largely situated between North and South America and is made up of 13 independent states and 17 dependent territories. It is an enormous archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, which can be split into the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, the ABC Islands, and the Lucayan Archipelago. English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Antillean creole are the most widely spoken languages there.  

Have you visited any beaches around the Caribbean? We appreciate any pictures or experiences or advice you can give in the community about the Caribbean Islands or any good beach destination in your country. 

Please, let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments! 



The Caribbean Islands 


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    Rica Tero

    Thanks for the wonderful topic, CM team. 💗

    I love beaches, and I for sure would include Caribbean beaches in my travel goals. We went to a public beach last month. It's not as majestic as the Caribbean, but I got my dose of 'Vitamin Sea'. It's peak season right now here, but I'm glad I got to enjoy it with a few people.

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