For this month, we will talk about where the best place is to have a picnic. 

There is an interesting celebration this coming April 23. It is the National Picnic Day. We can celebrate it by going to spots with our family or friends, of course, along with our packed food. Solo picnics are great too, just quietly appreciating the scenery while eating. No matter wherever we want to have our picnic, the most important thing is we have a good time.  

If you want to take your picnic to the next level, you can check out the best picnic spots around the world according to Jacaba. 

  • Hollywood picnic - Angama Mara, Kenya 
  • Picnic by a waterfall - Nihiwatu, Indonesia 
  • Secluded Island Picnic - Vestmannaeyjar Archipel, Iceland 
  • Active Picnic - Krupa Canyon, Crotia 
  • Cultural Picnic - The Sacred Valley, Peru 
  • Epic Picnic - Mt. Aspiring National Park, New Zealand  

Has anyone have been to any of these places? Do you have any picnic plans this next Sunday or in the future? Well, we would appreciate any experiences, thoughts, or tips you can give to this thread. 

Please let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments!