Hello, welcome back to our Food Lovers’ Corner! 

Last month, we featured one of the foods for healthy living which is Kimchi. You can check out our March post here. 

For this month, we want to share a dish which is mainly made up of rice. This dish has different versions in some East Asian countries, but all of them have the two main ingredients – rice and Nori or dried seaweed sheet. 

The one we are sharing today is a pic from our Community Management Associate, Rica, and the Kimbap that her mother made for their trip to the beach. The wrapper for this can either be just a simple roll or the triangle one where it has plastic. 

This dish is like sushi, but they are different in some of their features. The first difference is the seasoning of the rice. In sushi, they put vinegar, while in kimbap, it is usually sesame oil. Also, the former's fillings are mostly raw fish (e.g., tuna, salmon, etc.), while the latter's ingredients are cooked or pickled vegetables like kimchi.

Have you tried creating sushi or Kimbap before? Or do you have any similar on-the-go recipes like this that you can share with us? 

Please let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments!