Hello, English to Tagalog translators (and everyone else that is interested in the Tagalog language)!

It has come to our attention that there is currently no Tagalog channel on the Gengo translator forums, so we've created this dedicated Tagalog Forum as a space for everyone to share their ideas about all things Tagalog. Whether you're interested in talking about English to Tagalog translation tips or any other topics relating to the language, here's the place to share your ideas! 

Please feel free to start up discussions or to comment on other people's, and don't forget to subscribe to the Tagalog Forum if you'd like to receive email alerts about new conversations. (Check the screenshot below to learn more.)

We're really happy to have this new channel, and we hope that you'll all enjoy using it! 


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    Hi Everyone I'm Leah Lianza from phillipines and it's my first in gengo and also first time in freelancing ,I would love to share and help about tagalog.

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