Hey all,

Recently I've had to turn down some jobs due to the source text being supplied in a PDF file. I cannot edit these files, and copying their contents into a Word file causes no end of formatting issues.

Is it OK in these cases to copy/paste each text section into a Word file and translate them in there? This would mean the client needs to reconstruct a PDF from these snippets...

I'm wondering how you guys deal with this.



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    Hi Mathijs,

    If you're on a Mac computer, you could use "PDF Expert". It's a paid software that works really well. You could also get an Adobe Acrobat subscription but it is incredibly expensive in the long run.

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    Often, down at the bottom of the job page, it shows what form the customer is willing to accept the translation. Many often indicate that Word is an acceptable format for them. But personally I either use my CAT tool, and then save the end result as a PDF which I submit, or I convert the PDF to Word using my Adobe account and submit that. I think I only pay something like €49 a year (or maybe €99?) for the Adobe services I use.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @mathijsheuvel,

    As Sara said, you take the source text from the PDF and translate using a different format.

    Please see here for further details on how to approach different file formats.

    Hope this helps,


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