Japan News jobs include this statement in their comment:



What do they mean by 「拒否する」?

If they don't think we followed their style guide to the tee, they may reject the job and not pay for the translation?

Is it possible for the translator to not get paid for a Japan News translation even after the customer receives it? Even though the translation itself is fine, but it might have a few things that do not conform to their style?


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    Yes, it means they may reject the job.

    However, when a customer rejects a job it is not as easy as "they don't pay for it." When a job is rejected, it is sent to an ST who reviews it who makes the ultimate decision. If the ST deems that the quality of the job is indeed bad, you will not get paid. But if the ST gives you a good score and decides that the job is acceptable, the customer is "forced" to accept the job and you get paid.

    I wouldn't think that they are going to reject jobs randomly based on small stylistic details, but since they are providing a Style Guide for those jobs, it is best to adhere to it as much as you can.

    Good luck!

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