Hi everyone, so I've been completing some of the jobs on the recent HIS GO Japanese to English project.

On my most recent set of jobs, I've been doing a lot of room descriptions and this term, ダブルユース has been appearing a lot.

Examples include: 3人目からダブルユースとなります。 or 4名様以上のご利用はダブルユースとなりますのでご了承ください。


I have tried looking it up but haven't really found anything that clearly explains what it means.

Furthermore, I don't really thing literally translating it as "double use" will be clear enough for people reading the website.


I thought maybe it was that, for example, in the first example, that a 3rd guest would attract the charge for two people, as it's in the context of a ツインルーム that can sleep up to 5 guests.

But I don't know if this is correct.


Can anybody perhaps shed some light on this as it's really beginning to confuse me? There are quite a few segments of translation in this particular group of jobs that contain this term and I can't really finish the job accurately without knowing how to handle this phrase.


Any help would be appreciated!




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    Did you already work this out? If not...

    I was curious and bored so had a dig around and found this 


    As you probably know already, in Japan most hotels charge by room rather than by person, but in the above case the same room has different fees depending on how many people use the room. "double use" is the name of fee on that particular scale, when the room is used by two people. So basically it seems it's an additional charge when more people use the room - e.g. two people are standard price, and additional guests will be charged at "double use" rate.  (you can see a very bad translation of this here: http://www.toyoko-inn.com/e_hotel/00106/ under "single room with VOD"). Can't help you with the translation of "double use" though

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    Thank you for your response on the matter.


    After consulting with a friend of mine, a native Japanese speaker who also works in the travel industry, we determined that rather than "double use", it was actually referring to "double youth" - a bed size. So additional guests in the room were to be on a double-youth bed. When my friend told me this, it made much more sense given that the ダブルユース term was coming up after other talk of beds types/sizes, etc.

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    I must admit, I have never heard that phrase used to describe a bed size before, but someone in the travel industry must know their stuff better than me!

    Glad you found a solution.


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    Vox Nipponica

    I am surprised to hear that hotels charge by the room in your experience. This is a Western practice, where you can reserve a room and bring fifty people in there and no one will care. When booking Japanese hotels, there are explicitly different rate schedules for single use versus two person or more use.

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