I sure hope someone is awake...

I'm currently translating a resume, and I've got everything done... except the very last sentence!  I can't make heads or tails of it.

In the customer's Statement of Purpose, he talks about how he thinks the company stands out because of their values and quality of service, and how he'll be able to use his skills in their company.


And then this:  又顧客の立場に立ってと云う自分の目指すところと一致しており、御社を志望致しました。

Now, I'm not the best translator, so I'm sure someone can help me... I hope?  Please and thanks in advance!!


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    Hi there!

    I see why this is confusing, and using 云う for 言う・いう isn't helpful... this is sort of the "clincher" for why he wants to work at that company. Literally, it's like,

    Also, [it] matches the thing/place I'm aiming for, namely, standing in the customer's place; [so] I desired [that is, am hopefully applying for] your company.

    The point is that the company seeks to see things from the customer's perspective, which is also a personal goal of the applicant, so he feels it's a good match or fit. Does that make sense?

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    That makes so much more sense! Thanks so much!

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