One of my recent jobs has been reviewed and unfortunately given a less than stellar score. Unfortunately, it was not entirely clear to me where the translation had gone wrong, and it seems there is no way to contact the reviewer (Bailey, in this case) directly?

It wouldn't be a terribly big deal, except that it ends up affecting my rating, as I understand.

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    Marina Khonina

    Hi apojoga,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns and for your interest in receiving additional feedback.

    If you have questions about your job review or need additional clarification, you can fill out our Review Feedback Form. We will then forward your message to the Senior Translator who reviewed your job and forward their response to you. 

    When filling out the form, we'd encourage you to provide as many details as possible, as it will help the Senior Translator address your concerns more effectively. 

    I hope this helps answer your question.


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