Hello to all of you EN>IT translators,

This forum has been very quiet in recent months, so I thought I would try to revive it a little with a question.

What websites or techniques do you use when you are not sure how to translate a difficult, unusual or conversational expression you have never heard before?

Do you do a Google search for that specific expression? Do you look it up on Wikipedia and then look for the equivalent in Italian? Do you have a favorite dictionary you always go to first?

Will you help out other fellow translators by sharing at least some of your "secrets"?

Buona domenica

Enrico Contolini (EN>IT Managing translator)

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    carla m.

    It seems that nobody wants to give away secrets :-)

    Let's see...I have to say that most of the jobs I manage to grab around here are fairly straightforward, and when it comes to colloquial expressions my experience abroad comes handy.

    A simple search with "English word + italiano" gives me a few useful links, with Wordreference usually at the top of the list. I like Wordreference (many examples and links to the forum where native speakers offer their opinion/suggestions).

    I rarely have to use the IATE (http://iate.europa.eu/SearchByQueryLoad.do?method=load), while Wikipedia is always a good resource when I need an in-depth explanation of an object or a concept. A good idea is to search for Images as well.

    For slang and colloquial expressions, have a look at www.urbandictionary,com but go through all the examples to make sure you pick the right meaning for your text.

    If I really can't come up with the appropriate word I also look for synonyms, which often clarifies the meaning of the word and widens my choice a lot.

    Other than this, if need be and the time allows it I do a lot of research, read websites and such. 





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