Hello Everybody,

I have been contemplating on learning another language, in addition to my current language pair (JPN-EN). And, I happened to find someone who can coach me in Italian from the beginner level. A few years down the line, I would definitely like to have this language as an add-on to my skill set for translation. So, I hope that those who are already working in this pair can guide me with a few pointers that I am looking for.

I wanted to know about the demand for Italian to English pair in the field of translation. I am aware that there are some languages for which there is not much demand for whatever reasons., but I would like to know the prospects for anyone who wants to learn Italian and utilize that skill for translation. Also, it is obvious that we cannot predict the workflow/clientele, and that we need to put in the necessary effort to obtain clients, for which I am prepared to do so. But, I would like to know, in general, about the demand in market for Italian translation. I was reading a few links, and came to know that this is the fifth most taught foreign language.

This is a general question, and not limited to only jobs from the Gengo portal. I hope that anyone who has traversed a path similar to mine, or someone who is experienced in this language pair can help me out on this.

Thanks in advance.


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    Miriam H.

    Hello, Yes, there is pretty good demand in IT>EN, though diminished by the recession. However, I believe the rates tend to be less than for Japanese, but naturally vary widely. I would say you should plan on living in Italy for a while as it is difficult (though, of course, not impossible) to get to a professional translator level without full immersion.

    Buon proseguimento! (a difficult to translate Italian phrase to get you started!) 

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    Hello Miriam,

    Grazie per la sua risposta :-) 

    Oh yes....how could I forget about the "living experience" which enhances one's language skills!! I somehow missed this point, and now that you have mentioned it, I need to keep it in mind. But, I guess it may really take a while before I can come across a good opportunity to live in Italy for a while. As for the rates, yes, I think I have read about it too, but I guess as long as there is demand, and with another language pair, hopefully, it should not be taxing. 

    For the moment, before I plunge into the actual lessons, I am trying to search for links to teach me the basics, so that I can have a feel of the language...and I have already started liking the way it sounds!!  

    Thanks once again, Miriam!

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