I just received a file (French report card) to translate. I tried to open it in Acrobat to edit, but it's password protected. I translated the text from the file (which had previously been declined by 3 different translators) and sent it back. The formatting was not the same and there are color-coded bits that were not imported. The client returned the doc to fix that (understandable), but when I explained that it's password protected, they said:

  1. I have had two others done like this that have the same password as its a school file I dont have the password, please seek advice from your co-workers who recently did the same thing.

  2. you can open and read the file evidently

  3. example Job #8927XXXX 

I don't know who else worked on these and I can't access the example file they put (it's not my work). Any ideas how to proceed? I've sent a ticket to support, but I wondered if anyone had any experience with this. 


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