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    Rica Tero

    Hello again! 😊

    @from Japan - We communicated your concern with the Quality team already. They told us the details about this, and they advised us to inform you to email them to process this. We, in the CM team, do not have authority in this aspect. You should be the one to do this.

    Regarding yt5858's comments:

    • Language specialists do not need to reveal themselves. Only LSs who are writing the monthly error summaries are the one who needs to tell it.
    • Regarding the information available to the LSs, removing or making IDs invisible to you and LS will be complicated. Our engineering/devs team is currently working on many issues in the platform. I always notify Maria of the comments, questions, or concerns I see in the forum. The team constantly notes the feedback, but creating resolutions for all these inputs will take a long time. We need to do it one by one, step by step.
    • Whenever there are comments, posts, or messages not written in English, I usually use Google translate. For Japanese, if I ever see some parts that need to be clarified, I ask a colleague who is knowledgeable in this language. I put a disclaimer in my comments, as it's not based on my understanding, and other parties are involved in translating it into English. We also encourage everyone to communicate with the CM team in English, as said in the forum guidelines, so we can help you immediately and avoid miscommunications.

    We hope everyone can read the guidelines. Thank you. 😊

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