I recently joined and started doing 日 -▶ 英 jobs. Since the start, I've noticed a large amount of twitter translation jobs at the top of the list. I don't know what they're for, who they end up with, or why there are so many, but I have noticed that other translators have conventions that seem a bit strange to me.

Gengo's own Twitter translation guide is a bit sparse, doesn't cover all cases, and is mainly for Chinese.

So here I am. I'd like to take some of these jobs on and clear the queue, but I need some help. Can someone please give me pointers on how to deal with these cases:

  • @ Username - The Gengo guide says "Keep handles in characters, and add a translation in brackets afterwards if available." I've noticed translators just translating the names without leaving the original.
  • Hashtags - I thought hashtags wouldn't need to be translated but translators seem to be doing them. Should I be translating them as well, unless the job is specifically to post to twitter?



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