A re-review request is your way of reaching out to the Language Specialist (LS) team and making your voice heard when you disagree with corrections received as part of a GoCheck review on one of your jobs.

GoCheck reviews are conducted to ensure that our translators consistently meet our quality standards when delivering jobs to our customers and GoCheck scores are automatically calculated by our system.

We also think of GoCheck reviews as a way of providing feedback and encouraging our community to continue to grow and polish their skills. We hope that our translators will take this feedback on board and implement it starting from their next job.

We do understand, however, that translation is not always black and white, and that our LSs are human and can make mistakes occasionally. With this in mind, we have created the re-review request process to allow translators to share their feedback in the event that they feel there is a mistake in their GoCheck review.




Grounds for submitting a re-review request


You may submit a re-review request in the following situations:


  • You followed the customer's instructions, but the LS marked this as an error. 
  • You believe that according to Gengo's Error Type classification rules, your error should not have been marked at all. If this is the case, please provide clear justification and reliable references to support your argument. 
  • You requested the re-review within thirty (30) days of receiving the original review.


A re-review request may not be processed when:


  • You fail to follow the instructions on the request form.
  • You fail to provide sufficient clarification. Requests should always be backed up by official references or legitimate examples.


“According to (reputable source), in this case both forms of the verb, plural and singular, are correct. Here is what it says about it: "xxxxxxx" For further details, you can visit https://www.xxxxxxxxxxx.com.”


“My translation is not unnatural, I’ve heard a lot of native speakers say it.”


“I believe this should be downgraded to suggestion/lower severity only.” 


"I don't think the LS's translation is better than mine."


"If my translation is incorrect, can you provide a better translation?"

  • You submit the request after the 30-day period has elapsed.
  • You have not communicated in a professional and courteous manner with customers, other translators, or Gengo staff as stipulated in the Translator Agreement which you agreed to when taking your first translation test.


What is a reputable source?

In order for your re-review request to be processed successfully, you need to provide reputable sources as grounds for your dispute. Here are a few tips and examples.


In general, a reputable source is bias-free, written by an author or organization that can be trusted and based on strong evidence. However, determining whether a source is credible or not may sometimes be tricky. Please bear in mind that sites or blogs where almost anyone can write anything (like Wikipedia for example) are not necessarily a valuable source. Before you provide a source in your re-review request, it is important that you ask yourself a few questions first:


  • Who is the author? Can I verify their credentials? Can I trust them?

  • When was the source published? Is it up to date?

  • Is it supported by evidence or it’s just someone’s personal opinion?

Below you will find some examples of reputable and unreliable sources. You should treat them only as a guideline and you still have to use your best judgement to determine whether a source is credible or not.


(✓) Reputable source:

  • dictionary.cambridge.org
  • duden.de
  • bbc.com
  • sjp.pwn.pl

(X) Unreliable source:

  • wikipedia.org
  • dictionary.com
  • facebook.com
  • google.com



How do I submit a re-review request?

If you would like to submit a re-review request, please fill out the form HERE with all of the required information, including:


  • The sections of the source and target text in which the marked errors can be found

  • A detailed explanation as to why you are seeking the re-review

  • Resources to back up your claims. If you disagree with an error, then it is particularly important that you provide official and easily-accessible references to support your argument.

We highly encourage you to write your requests in English. This way, internal team can help clarify the flagged errors and suggest solutions to the reviewer. We strongly request that you write your comments politely and professionally. Please also ensure that your wording is clear and to the point before submitting the request.


After your request has been received, it will be reviewed by a member of the internal team. If we accept your request, based on the above criteria, then we will send your work for a second review which will be performed by the LS who completed the original review. The LS will be expected to consider your comments and to add additional feedback in response to the points that you raised, particularly if it is felt that the original feedback was not informative enough. 



When and how will I receive my re-review request results?


If you have filled out your re-review request with all of the information required and it has been accepted for review, you should receive your re-review request results in a GoCheck notification email within 10 days. The score after the re-review will not be lower than the original score.

Please note that requesting a re-review does not guarantee that you will get a better score in the second review. Requesting a re-review means that your job will be reviewed thoroughly a second time. However, if the LS completes the second review and still finds the original review to be accurate, no change to the review will be made.




Re-review requests will only be processed once. If you receive the re-review results and you have compelling evidence to suggest that an error should have been removed and has not been, please email GengoQualityTeam@lionbridge.com within one week, using ‘Job ID#___________’ in the subject line, and include the following information in your message:

  1. The section of the source text containing the error that you are disputing

  2. The corresponding section of the translation

  3. Proof and precise explanation (max 100 words in English)

The Quality Team will review the information you provided and respond with an answer within 12 days (via the email address !YOKmbxGengoQualityTeam@lionbridge.com). However, please note that sending an email to the Quality Team will not necessarily change the outcome of the situation.

We will consider additional re-review requests as general feedback on our QA system and use this to improve our processes where possible, but please take our verdict in each case to final.

Our QA system is designed to help provide us with a broad overview of the quality and consistency of our translators and to help us make sure we are providing good translations for customers. However, given that our Quality Team is small and we have limited resources, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to investigate edge cases in detail while continuing to work at scale.




What are the limitations of the re-review system?  

Please understand that we have a set of restraints in place to prevent the abuse of the re-review system. We will temporarily stop accepting re-review requests from you for the next three months if either of the following happens:   

  1. Within a six-month period, we receive three consecutive re-review requests for which the original results are consistently being upheld.   
  2. You communicate in an unprofessional manner regardless of our warning.   

You will receive an email notification about our verdict upon the day of deliberation and it will be effective immediately. 


My qualifications have been revoked. Can I still submit a re-review request?


You can request a re-review of any GoCheck review you disagree with within 30 days of receiving it, provided that you continue to hold qualifications in the relevant language pair. In the event that you lost your qualifications as the immediate result of a single GoCheck review, you are entitled to submit a re-review request only for the last reviewed job which triggered the revocation.

For earlier jobs, unfortunately this right is revoked along with your qualifications. This is because we believe you will have plenty of time to express your dissatisfaction with any of the earlier reviews that you received before your qualifications were revoked, meaning that we assume that through not taking action immediately after receiving these reviews, you fully accepted the consequences of them. This effectively means that there is nothing that can be done once qualifications have been lost, though you still have the option of retaking our translation tests, if these are available, as long as you wait for a minimum probation period of 30 days.


Please remember that, at the end of the day, there is a paying customer behind every translation you submit, which is why we rely on our reviewing system as a means of ensuring quality. Over and above this, we intend for it to help translators grow and improve, and we encourage you to see reviews as a useful learning opportunity, whichever stage of your translator journey you are on.


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