The anonymity and size of Gengo’s translator community may make you feel like it’s impossible to be recognized and rewarded for good performance. In fact, there are a number of ways that you can develop your reputation within Gengo.


Performance Scorecard

Your dashboard features a personalized scorecard showing your performance as a Gengo translator. The scorecard focuses on quality, and also provides a summary of your work history at Gengo. 



The quality metric displays your translator score, which is calculated based on our proprietary formula, which takes into account both the quality and consistency of your translations.

Read more about quality HERE


Customer Review

When a customer approves a translation, they will be given the option to rate their experience (out of 5) regarding translation quality and provide a comment.


This rating doesn't affect your translator score, but if your translation receives a quality rating of 2 or lower, the job will be flagged for Language Specialist review.


Preferred Translators

As we are a crowdsourced service, there is no way for customers to assign their translation to a specific translator. We do, however, allow customers to create a list of preferred translators and give them priority access to their jobs. 

You can read more about preferred translators HERE


Going the extra mile

At Gengo, we place a high value on our translators' willingness to go the extra mile to foster friendly and professional relationships with our customers by means of effective communications.

We are constantly monitoring our forums, translator-customer interactions, and customer feedback, and take notice of translators who not only submit top-notch quality, but make it a point to be friendly and helpful. These translators are more likely to be recommended for important projects, or put forward for Language Specialist / Reviewer positions.


For more information about your obligations as a Gengo translator, please refer to your Translator Agreement.

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