Dear gengo team Please help me in doing transliteration in Eng-Hin translation.Please tell me that while doing transliteration of plural terms into Hindi, the resulted term is written according to which language rule-Hindi or English. e.g. When we transliterate "files and folders" into Hindi, then what will be the resulted term?Is it "फाइलों और फोल्डरों" OR "फाइलज़ और फोल्डरज़" Please clear my confusion about this and also include information about this in the style guide of Hindi language.


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    Katrina Paterson

    Hi Shivam, thank you for your question about plural forms in Hindi, and I'm sorry it's taken so long to leave you a response. 

    We will pass your question on to the Quality team and we'll let you know if they have any suggestions in this regard. (Please note, though, that we might be longer than usual in getting back due to the fact that there are holidays going on in many parts of the world at the moment.)

    In general, we'd always say that the best approach is to create a translation that reads naturally in the target language and can be easily understood as a standalone text (without reading it against the source text). I can't personally speak for Hindi, though, so I'll wait until we have a response from someone more knowledgeable in this area. We'll also take into account your suggestion about updating the style guide, which can be found here for Hindi, in case anyone else is interested in taking a look. 

    We appreciate your dedication, and we'll write back here once we know more. If other translators would like to chip their thoughts in, of course they're welcome to, too.

    Katrina (Gengo Community Experience Associate)

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    Dear Shivam,

                           Pluralization of transliterated terms are done thru the changes in verb form rather than te word itself to clear any doubt and comign up with weird sounding words hence डिवाइस insead of डिवाइसेज़ or डिवाइसों . Foe example Mnay devices can be paired will be translated as कई डिवाइस पेयर कर सकते हैं. We have pluralized it thru कई and सकते हैं. Hope this helps. In worse case scenario there is an exception to the rule for example it is a UI and it says DEVICES then please use डिवाइसेज़. Hope you find it useful. Happy translating :)

    Hindi Language Lead - Gengo


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