Hello, English to Portuguese translators!  

We have some exciting news – we’re currently trialling a new initiative in a select number of language pairs. The initiative centres around the role of Language Specialists and during this pilot stage of the project, an LS in your pair will be available to answer any questions that you might have on the forum and to provide translation tips and any other advice that you think might be helpful. 

We really hope you’ll enjoy having this opportunity to chat with Language Specialists and to share ideas.  

Here’s how the initiative will work: 

A Language Specialist in your pair will be posting on the forum and answering translation-related questions. You’re welcome to ask for help with any translation-related queries that you might have, or to chat about translation challenges in your language pair. 

Please note that the initiative covers language-related questions only. If you would like to query a GoCheck review that you have received, please do this by filling in our online re-review request form as usual. If you’re having technical issues, please continue to contact support@gengo.com. 

We’ll be continuing to moderate the forums as normal and keeping an eye on all comments. Please remember to follow our guidelines for forum participation at all times (do help others if you can, do respect your fellow translators and Language Specialists, don’t make comments that are hurtful, mean or likely to make anyone uncomfortable). 

We’d love to hear your feedback about other topics we could cover in this initiative and/or about any additional resources that you would like to see in your language pair. Please fill in this online form to share your thoughts, and we will take careful consideration of your feedback and use this to create improvements where possible.  

Thanks and enjoy the initiative!


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