Hi, dears! I have recently passed the pro-test, but so far I have not received any jobs.I don't know why.Do you have any idea?Thanks in advance.


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    M. Yahia Morsy

    Welcome aboard Hin, no there is no jobs available these days, but I believe that this is temporary and jobs will show up sooner or later.
    Welcome again.

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    Thanks for your comment but my weekly dose of Gengo insights shows the opposite :
    WK 34 2020 stats for English > Arabic
    Last week, your language pair received 129,377 units of work.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi hin, 

    Indeed, that's the data for WK34. 
    Last week was WK35, and you should have received a new email yesterday (did you?). The amount of volume in your pair last week was significantly lower than the previous week. WK35 saw 14,968 units of volume.

    The charts in the emails aim at giving you a better picture of the volume breakdown by day of week and time of day (UTC timezone). Over time, you may begin to see trends on which days more volume comes in, or what are the busiest time of the day so you have more chances to pick up jobs. To add to this, you can also use an RSS feed reader in order to receive timely notifications when jobs come in (if you are not using one yet, see how to install and set it up here.)

    Hope this helps!


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