Since its beginning in 2008, Gengo has been continuously evolving, changing and improving in order to stay not only competitive but ahead of the game in the fast-growing industry of translation. Translators who have been with us for many years probably remember the "Ultra" tier, which was eventually decommissioned and later on replaced by the Edit service. They have also probably seen the implementation of validation on the workbench, TM, glossaries, PEMT, a new GoCheck history page and other tools to help streamline and increase the efficiency and consistency of their work. More recent developments include our expansion into the AI industry, leading to our acquisition by Lionbridge.

We'd love to hear more from our translators about their experience in the ever-growing and evolving translation industry as a whole (not just at Gengo!) since they first started translating. What main changes have you seen in the industry, and what are your thoughts? What do you think is the next big thing? Please share and discuss with your peers! :)


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    Mohamed Nagah Hassanin

    Hello! I am Mohamed from Cairo, Egypt. I work in the EN>AR language pair. The big thing that I would really like to see in Gengo is a central TM for each language pair. We have regular customers who work with different translators all the time. We want to stay consistent with the terminology used for this customer and on the other hand help the translator in his work.

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    Leon Liang

    Hello! I am Leon Liang from China. I have been working as a part-time translator since my graduation from the university. At that time the main sources of job were some "agencies" (mainly individuals) who collect orders from the clients. Nowadays, things have changed. In China there are platforms similar to Gengo. It seems to me that the industry of tranlation is becoming more and more mature and regulated, which is good for the translators as well as the clients.

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    Completely agree with Mohamed. I have to decline translations because there is not enough context for me to know the style, terminology, et cetera, fairly frequently. JP->English here.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi all! 

    I was hoping for this to be more of a lively discussion overviewing the translation industry in general, and for translators to share their experience of said industry within and outside of Gengo, but fair enough - let's go over the issues you guys have brought up :)

    Gengo does use Translation Memory upon request by the customer (see more here), however, we cannot build an overall language pair TM at the moment as it could potentially mix client's sensitive information together. However, for you Mohamed, I think what you're really pointing at is concordance search, which would allow you to specifically search within that translation memory to stay consistent in your jobs for a specific customer. I do hear you and completely agree that this would be a very helpful feature. I have actually been bringing it up internally for a period of time, however it may still be a while before we find ourselves in a position to actually develop the feature. We appreciate the suggestion and will definitely keep it in mind as we understand it'd really help our translators stay consistent.

    @Thomas - the issue you bring up, where there is not enough context to know the style or terminology, might not be solved only by using concordance search or TM depending on the specific needs of the customer, especially if it's a customer you've never worked with before. We are aware that some jobs are too small or lack the context within themselves, and always encourage the customer to provide relevant information to help the translator do their job. However, if this is still not there, you always have the option to ask in a comment and, for more severe lack of context, you can flag the job or bring it up with our Support team for assistance (if the customer is being unresponsive.)

    Hope this helps!


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