I am posting here to ask if there is anyone in a similar situation to mine who can give advice about career development. The situation is that I am looking for more work after starting as a translator with Gengo about six months ago - and I don't know where to look. Gengo are not offering me enough.

When I started, I had no previous translation experience. I passed the entry test quickly, at the pro level, and have had regular work on Gengo since then, but, as I said, not enough and I am looking for more. I thought that the way Gengo approved translators was sensible, i.e. you pass a test and then you get work and the quality of your work is regularly evaluated - but unfortunately I have not found any other agency or platform where I have been able to get some work in this way. My experience of Gengo is positive in as much as they are the only ones who have let me get started - but, trying to take thihgs further, I am now stuck!

So far, I have found other platforms where I have taken and passed tests but I have not not been offered any work on any of them. I have also contacted agencies on Proz and offered my services, but only about 5% have replied with an expression of interest and I still have not had any work from any of them either. I have also put together a portfolio of work samples. While I am trying to get more work, I am not seeking to go all the way to full-time. I translate from English to French.

So, my questions are: Does anyone know of places other than Gengo where you can pass an entry test and then get regular work? Has anyone managed to find some work elsewhere this way?

Does anyone have any other advice as to where and how I could get some more work?


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