Since joining a few weeks ago (pro level), I have received 2-3 notifications about jobs in my language pair (Spanish-English). The notification emails state that there have been 40-something jobs in my language pair in the last week... but why haven't I been notified of them? Where has this number come from?

I use RSS and email notifications but normally there's nothing but tumbleweed blowing by. 

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @j.linardi.nicol,

    Please note that the weekly emails state the total number of jobs available in your language pair, as opposite to jobs that were "available to you". This means that some of these jobs may have been jobs for PT (Preferred Translators) or certain projects or customer for which you haven't been chosen.

    Additionally, I wouldn't recommend overly relying on email notifications to pick up jobs, as the lowest interval we currently use for these is 5 minutes. If possible, please revise the settings of your RSS feed reader and make sure it's set to the lowest interval possible (30 seconds or 1 minute) to ensure that you receive prompt notifications. Keep in mind that job volume fluctuates, and with the holidays coming up, it's normal to see a slight decrease in volume compared to other times of the year.

    Hope this helps :)

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