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Last September, our feature is about best gaming snacks. You can check out our post here.

Our topic for this month is for our coffee lovers.

Despite its reputation, coffee is likely to be highly healthful for most individuals, according to scientific data. Although there are still questions here and there at the table, is coffee good or bad?


If you drink a lot of coffee every day, the modest amounts of vitamins and minerals it contains can build up. Its antioxidant content is very significant. Caffeine is the primary active compound in coffee. It can induce a short-term increase in energy levels, mental function, metabolic rate, and athletic performance. Also, numerous studies have found that coffee consumers have a much lower risk of type 2 diabetes, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.


There are a lot of good benefits that coffee gives us, but there are bad ones too.


Caffeine is an addictive stimulant. It can cause tolerance and well-documented withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, lethargy, and irritability. It can also have various negative effects, such as anxiety and disrupted sleep.


As Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.” It is vital that we drink coffee and put sugar in moderation to maximize its health benefits.


Any suggestions of great coffee brands or what type of beans are great? We want to know any recommendations you have.


Please let us know, and let's all have a great chat in the comments!



Coffee — Good or Bad?

Is coffee good or bad for your health?


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    In moderation it can increase happiness in a sedentary indoors setting, just watch the amounts and have regular breaks (as with everything). I even associate the word Gengo with Kenco the UK coffee brand!
    Simon Sobrero www.decipheritalian.com

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    Lionbridge Community Management Team (Gengo)

    Hi Simon. 

    Sorry for the super late response. It's weird we didn't get notification for this. 😭

    It's fascinating to know that there's a coffee brand that sounds like Gengo! I just watch an old ad of it. Thanks for sharing that here in this thread. ❤️

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