Hello, I'm translating a text from english to latin-american spanish, and I would like to know how do you translate measurement units, since in the english language they use the imperial system, whereas spanish speaking countries usually use the metric system.

Would "1feet" be translated "1 pie"? or should I convert that to the metric system (which would be about 40,48 cm.)? Or maybe it doesn't make a difference, I just wanted to make sure.


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    Usually the best thing to do is to convert the measurement units used in English speaking countries to the metric system, which is what the Spanish speaking reader would understand. Make sure to use a conversion tool such as http://www.unitconverters.net/ to get the right measurement (in the case of 1 feet, it would be 30,48 cm).

    But if in doubt, you can always send a comment to the customer and ask :)

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    Yes, this really does depend on the customer - in your position I think I would ask, or possibly put it in metric with the imperial measurements in brackets?
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