Hello everybody,

Did you ask yourself before, what if an error occurred while you are working?

Will you be ready for something like system down problem or a bug in the system?

In fact, it happened with me once, I'm going to tell you a short story. I was working on a two hours and a half job, and finished it within one hour with revision and once I click on submit button, nothing happened, I tried more that one time to save or submit the job but there was no response from the system, I also tried to open another page of Gengo site but in vain, but any other website was just fine, my connection was ok, obviously the system went down, honestly I was shocked, as I really exerted effort on that job, I had to act quickly, because I was running out of time, so I took a snap shot from the job page plus the id number of job and attached them with an email to Gengo Support, asking for help, actually they responded to my request, but that was after the system was up again and the job was automatically cancelled.  

Finally they compensated me by manual reward adjustment, and my request was solved, and I was satisfied. 

So, I wanted to thank Gengo Support team for their efforts, they are really trying to do their best, and they are the best.

The lesson learned here is:

(always try to save your work, you don't know what is coming up, may be a power failure, a system crash, or even a system down), and be sure if you saved your work, and you reached the stage where you have nothing to do with this, just contact Gengo support, they can always help with this.

I'm waiting for any other error stories from you, if you had any, please share it with us, it will be fun.




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    This happened once to me, but the translation was saved, but sure it will be so annoying if you lose your translation and start over ::(

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    Indeed, Gengo is just perfect!!

    A similar situation happened to me once; a multi-language job was mistakenly released to my available jobs and I started working on it then I was notified by a member from the support team that the job was cancelled and he asked me about the word count for the part I already finished so that I'd be reimbursed!

    I was speechless before such integrity and since then I've been proud to be a member of such company which truly puts ethics together with performance.

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