Do you ever catch yourself reading with a mental red pen? Isn't it funny how a tiny error, like a misplaced comma or quotation mark, can affect your opinion of a writer’s abilities? It’s funny how such a small thing can have such a huge effect. That’s why this month’s forum lesson is going back to basics, commas, quotation marks, and apostrophes!

Now, before you decide you know all there is to know about punctuation, ask yourself this: How much would you be willing to bet if someone asked you to wager on the complete absence of even a single punctuation error in your past five translations? If you can comfortably bet something large ($10,000, your house, your child…), then by all means, skip this lesson. However, if you’re not 100% sure that your last five translations did not contain a single punctuation error, read on!

Everything highlighted in this forum lesson is also covered in more detail in our Style Guide.





  • Use the double quotation marks when quoting spoken words
  • Periods and commas should always remain inside the double quotation mark
  • Semicolons, colons, and dashes should always remain outside the double quotation mark



  • Use an apostrophe to mark possession
  • Use an apostrophe mark where a letter has been omitted
  • Note that "it's" belongs to the second type. Do not use "it's" for a possessive


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