I would like to share this cross-platform working solution. Myself I rely heavily on my iPad2 tablet to work offline and deliver most of my  translation jobs to Gengo. Recently I encountered an issue when I was required to work on a particular job integrated into a web-based CAT tool. And fortunately I was inspired by a spark of idea hinted by one of my fellow Gengo translators(Mr. Natkon)  and I just want to share the solution I discovered among us.   The Problem: The translation job is integrated into a web-based CAT program, and this particular program won't work well on an iPad. However, you heavily rely on iPad to do your work offline, particularly taking advantage of that more efficient typing on its multi-touch screen keyboard. Then what shall you do to overcome this? My proven solution: Follow these steps carefully and you can still get the best of both worlds in your work.  On Windows 7  PC 1. Create a needed  word file, using cut n paste button on mouse, select Keep Text Only Paste option 2. Choose Save as file on Skydrive and name the file.  3. Now this word file is ready for access and to be used on ipad tablet, preferably on Pages. On iOS ipad. 1. Activate Skydrive app. 2. Select the target word file 3. Open it in Other apps, choosing Pages 4. Save the file as Pages file  5. Take advantage of the multi-touch screen typing on Pages to edit the file offline 6. When done, emailing it as Word file to an Hotmail address. Back to Windows 7  PC again. 1. Open Hotmail in  Firefox browser 2. Go to the mail sent from ipad and target the attachment Word file. 3. Select and click View File Online 5. Then click  Edit via Browser 6. Start editing the content of PC-based job with content edited from ipad Pages, using cut-and-paste technique. The Tricks :  - Skydrive acts as the cloud facilitator, making possible the best of both worlds: PC-based Word files and ipad-based Pages files.  - If cut and paste buttons do not work, try using Ctrl-C and Ctrl- V instead. - You can use Gmail and Google Drive as an effective alternative to achieve just the same results. I hope this solution would perhaps prove more or less useful to some of us.  

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    Natalia Manidis

    Thanks for sharing this ThaiService! Also, I'm sorry to hear that using the web-based CAT tool was so challenging for you. I've forwarded your comments on to our product team for them to consider as they continue to develop Gengo's translation interface. 

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