I like your suggestions in your Translation Fundamentals about using our best friend, Google. I would specify one more trick that is very effective when you don't know how to translate a word. Say, the unknown word is a noun, say a type of handbag, "XXXYYY". If you target is English, you can Google, "XXXYYY [source word for leather]" and "leather". This will very often give you the right answer immediately. Example for FR>EN, if you don't know the best translation for "sac seau", your Google search might be  ""sac seau cuir" leather". On the first page, it will seem clear that it's a "bucket bag". But, as many English sites are incorrectly translated, you always want to double check by then Googling "bucket bag". In this case, you will find 2 million hits, including with pictures, from sites based in U.S. countries and your doubts are done.   

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    Natalia Manidis

    Brilliant! Thanks Miriam!! Actually, quite a few of those tips and tricks came from one of our earlier discussions in the Translation Resources forum so thanks for your contributions there too! :)

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