I'm working on a SP-EN job, and there are a lot of misspelled words in the original text. It appears to be survey responses, and the respondents have poor grammar and spelling. It's difficult to figure out what some of the words are supposed to be. Has anyone come across this before, and how did you handle it?


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    So far, I've had this problem more with extremely awkward sentence structures (which German is prone to - I've even had a magazine article to translate that read like it didn't ever have to pass an editor...) or missing punctuation making the meaning difficult to understand. Or occasionally colloquial word choices that might not mean exactly the same in my experience as it meant in the writer's experience (regional dialects, etc.).

    In these cases, I guess as best as I am able what was meant from context, and then write a comment for the customer admitting that I can't be completely sure in some places due to the original writer's "unorthodox" grammar, and that this or that word might just as well have been translated differently, and what this would have changed in the meaning conveyed.

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