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I'm a new Gengo translator, and I see that the only way to receive payouts is in USD, through PayPal. 
I'm based in the UK. Does this mean that PayPal will charge me a huge cross-border currency fee, as well as a currency conversion fee?
If so does anyone know how much this is?

thanks in advance! 



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    I am located in Germany. I have always received the amount from Gengo via Paypal without any deduction (except the $1.50 deduction by Gengo). However, the money arrives as USD in your Paypal account. If you spend or withdraw it in another currency (like pound or euro), Paypal will exchange it at their currency rate which is of course somewhat unfavorable compared to the official exchange rate. But I think the outcome is better that huge bank deductions. In fact, what disturbs me more is that the dollar went down in the last weeks, I hope that this does not continue, it's like a pay cut.

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    Since the update in Paypal fees policy it has really become unpleasant.

    To receive 500 $ I will have to pay around 7.5 $ (1,5 % of the total amount fee). I am reluctant to leave Paypal because I have all my bank cards linked to it, and it was a way to feel free (at the beginning), however now I am starting to feel strangled. If it is a sort of monopoly they may decide whatever they like?!

    Do we have a sort of labor union inside Gengo? I think this small "change" in the payment policy had to be discussed a bit more. In the end I have to be humble and understand I earn small amounts against a genuine work effort (which someone will have to comprehend it is not always easy).
    Is this going to break the vase?

    The general argument/subject might be very important, because this way seems to be the future of work?! Well at least online.


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