One of our long-term projects has been to empower our translators with the ability to show off their work at Gengo, allowing you to better track your own progress and see how you improve over time.

Starting now, all of our translators who have at least 1 qualification will have their own public Translator Profile, accessible via direct link.





What is shown in my Translator Profile?

We know your privacy is important, so your profile will only display your first name and the initial of your last name (for example, "Taro Y."). You can rest assured no email address or other contact information will be shared. 

If you haven't already, please take a minute to update your First and Last Name details in your account settings in order to ensure the information on your profile is correct. (Please use the Latin alphabet, and refrain from using other alphabets or characters such as kanji or cyrillic letters, etc.)


Your Translator Profile will include your qualifications, scores, number of units and jobs translated and other cool data. You can think of it as your trophy case that showcases your hard work with Gengo. 

Featuring all of this information in one place makes your Translator Profile the perfect asset to share with your clients and friends on social media or professional networks whenever you need to showcase your work!



That's cool! But how can I access my Translator Profile?

You can find the link to your profile right at the top of your Account settings page. 



Can I change my profile photo?

Yes! By popular demand, you can now upload a picture of yourself to show your customers who's the person behind the screen :)

For best results, we recommend you to use a nice-looking photo, just like you would do in a professional social network such as LinkedIn. To add your photo, go to your account settings, scroll down and click on "Change" under 'Profile photo.'


Your profile will also have a background image that depends on the country where you're located. For now, this image cannot be changed, but we may add this option in a later update.



Get featured in our front page!


In addition, translators who maintain a GoCheck average score of 7/10 or more, have at least 3 approved jobs, and have been active over the last three months are eligible to be featured in a list of translators for their pair that will be available on our website.

(your profile won't appear here if your First and Last Name in your account settings are blank, so please be sure to update them!)


In the future, we have exciting plans to allow customers to order translations directly from your profile page, which gives you an incentive to keep doing your best in every translation job, so you can get even more jobs! :)


If you have any questions, feedback or concerns about your Translator Profile, please feel free to contact Support, and we'll be happy to hear you out.

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