What are Edit jobs?

Customers can now order translations that go through a double-pass: a first translator will take care of the initial translation stage; then, a second translator will be editing the translation before the final delivery back to the customer. 

In other words, you will be editing a job translated by one of your peers to ensure that the customer receives the highest possible quality.


Who will do the initial translation?

The Edit service is available for both Standard and Pro jobs. When an Edit job becomes available for the initial translation stage, it will not appear labelled as such. Instead, it will be displayed under the relevant tier, be it Standard or Pro, without any additional indicators that the job will be later reviewed by a second translator. (This is to ensure that the initial translator provides an unbiased translation, without relying on the Edit stage.)


Once you submit the translation, it will appear under "Pending Second Pass" while waiting for a second translator to edit it, and it will remain in this status after the final translation is submitted to the customer, while waiting for approval (more about that here). The job will be auto-approved 120 hours after the second translator has submitted the final translation to the customer. 



So, how can I get Edit jobs?

Edit jobs will be available for any translator with Pro qualifications. When available, you will find Edit jobs on your dashboard under the “Edit” category, labelled as 'EDIT'.


Once in the workbench, instructions for editing are at the top:


As an editor, your job is to prepare the translation for delivery to the customer by fixing any errors and ensuring the text reads naturally in the target language. Editors are expected to take the customer’s instructions into account while also checking for accuracy and readability.

Please take some time to read up on our translation best practices, which include our tips for editing text.


What is the rate for Edit jobs?

It depends on the language pair. You will see the exact rate per word at the top of the workbench.


Are all jobs going to have an Edit stage now?

No, only jobs where the customer chooses translation + Edit service will have an Edit stage. Customers can still order just translation. 


What if the initial translation is really bad?

When you accept an Edit job, you as the Editor will be responsible for the quality of the translation the customer receives. You'll need to make sure the final translation meets all the quality requirements.  

If you have picked up an Edit job where you feel the first translator did such a poor translation that it would basically require a re-translation, we recommend you to not work on it; instead, please flag it, and contact support for help.


If you choose to proceed with the editing, again, please remember that you will be responsible for the final quality of the translation delivered to the customer.


Who gets the score if an Edit job is reviewed by a Language Specialist? 

We'll be able to review both the initial translation or the edited version, and each translator will get their individual quality score.


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