What is it?

The Gengo Wordsmith is a special title reserved for translators who have completed 500,000 words or more and have been active in the past month. It’s our way of recognising outstanding achievement and showing appreciation for our most devoted hard-working translators.


The Wordsmith reward also includes a Gengo t-shirt.  On the month after achieving 500,000 translated units, Wordsmiths can expect to receive an email containing a unique URL that they can use to redeem their prize. 


Today's Wordsmith population is small, but we expect it to grow at an increasingly rapid pace. If you're just starting out or in a low volume language pair, 500,000 words is daunting, but not impossible. It's a stretch goal that demands patience and perseverance. Just ask the Wordsmiths who have been at it since 2009. 

So, thanks again Wordsmiths and as we say in Japanese, "お疲れ様でした!"

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